Real vs ideal self

For the Zurich.Influencer community I analysed the relation between branding and social media. With the rise of social media, humans are constantly promoting their ideal self and losing contact...
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Podcast 01 Marty Neumeier

‘A lot of my work is about redefining the term branding’, says Marty Neumeier. ‘Positioning happens to you. Customers position you. They decide who you are. The question is:...
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The Love Symbol decoded

Over the decades, Prince built an influential human brand; he was a music and fashion icon and created a sign known around the world: the Love Symbol. Looking closely...
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The power of design

Design is a profound tool to build trust and attention. A collection of strong design cases around the globe – selected from the Cannes Lions 2019 Grand Prix Winners...
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The power of advertising

Advertising can be a powerful tool to communicate the central brand promise. A collection of the smartest campaigns and TV ads collected around the world – fresh from the...
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Books I truly recommend

There are countless books on the topics of branding, creativity and technology – it’s easy to get lost. Here’s my shortlist of the most valuable contributions on the subjects.
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My consulting approach involves a fundamental brand identity process and delivers answers to essential questions. As a passionate lecturer and keynote speaker, I combine key topics from the worlds of branding, creativity, technology and consumer psychology.

Marc Tartaggia
CRH Swiss Distribution

‘His brand expertise inspired our whole team and helped us to realise many important digital projects. Together, we pushed our company forward. Two thumbs up.’